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allergist a medical doctor whose specialty is treating allergies.
anesthesiologist a doctor who specializes in anesthesiology.
anesthetist a person, usu. a doctor or nurse, trained to administer gas or drugs that cause lack of sensation or loss of consciousness.
cardiologist a medical doctor who specializes in the workings and diseases of the heart.
clinician a doctor who studies or practices medicine by direct observation and treatment, as opposed to theory or laboratory research.
D.D. abbreviation of "Doctor of Divinity."
D.D.S. abbreviation of "Doctor of Dental Surgery."
dermatologist a doctor who specializes in the treatment of the skin.
doc (informal) doctor, esp. as a term of address.
doctorate the highest academic degree, esp. the Ph.D., awarded for completion of advanced work at the graduate level, or as an honorary degree, and conferring the title or status of doctor on the recipient; doctor's degree.
doctorless combined form of doctor.
doctor's office a building, or place within a building, used by a single physician or group of physicians, where patients can consult with or be treated by a doctor on an appointment basis.
Dr. abbreviation of "Doctor." [1/2 definitions]
D.V.M. abbreviation of "Doctor of Veterinary Medicine."
Ed.D. abbreviation of "Doctor of Education."
eye exam an examination and testing of the eyes' health and vision by an eye doctor or an optometrist, esp. one determining the type and strength of corrective lenses that are needed.
flight surgeon a military doctor trained in aviation medicine.
gynecologist a medical doctor who specializes in gynecology.
herbalist a person who cultivates, collects, or deals in herbs, esp. medicinal herbs; herb doctor.
internist a doctor whose specialty is internal medicine.
J.D. abbreviation of "juris doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Law, or Doctor of Jurisprudence.