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authoritarian demanding obedience; domineering. [1/3 definitions]
autocrat any over-assertive domineering person. [1/3 definitions]
autocratic resembling an autocrat; domineering. [1/2 definitions]
bossy1 (informal) domineering; overbearing; pushy.
commanding having a domineering or authoritative air; imposing. [1/3 definitions]
dictatorial domineering or overbearing in manner; imperious. [1/2 definitions]
high-handed arbitrary and domineering in action or manner.
imperious like or in the manner of an absolute ruler in expecting obedience; domineering. [1/2 definitions]
lordly overbearing; domineering. [1/2 definitions]
nondomineering combined form of domineering
virago a shrewish, domineering woman; nag or scold.