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Alpha Centauri a double star in the constellation Centaurus, the closest star to the solar system, having a combined magnitude of -0.3.
alum any one of various double sulfates of a trivalent metal and a univalent metal. [1/2 definitions]
bagpipe a musical instrument, played esp. in Scotland, consisting of a double-reed melody pipe and one or more drone pipes that protrude from a flexible leather bag that is inflated through a blowpipe by the breath or by bellows.
bass1 the largest stringed instrument of the orchestra, having the lowest range of pitch and played with a bow; double bass. [1/5 definitions]
bass drum a large double-headed cylindrical drum that produces a low, reverberating sound.
bassoon a large low-pitched woodwind instrument consisting of a long doubled wooden tube fitted with a slender curved metal tube that terminates in a double-reed mouthpiece.
bass viol the largest and deepest-toned instrument of the violin family; double bass, contrabass. [1/2 definitions]
binary star two stars orbiting around a common center of gravity and often appearing as one to the unaided sight or through a telescope; double star.
box pleat a double pleat with edges folded toward each other.
Castor a white triple star, each component of which is a double star, in the constellation Gemini, having a combined magnitude of 2.5.
cello a large four-stringed instrument of the violin family with a pitch lower than that of the viola but higher than that of the double bass; violoncello.
chesterfield a tailored, single- or double-breasted topcoat having a velvet collar. [1/2 definitions]
claymore a double-edged broadsword formerly used by Scottish Highlanders.
contrabass the largest and deepest-toned instrument of the violin family; double bass; bass viol. [1/4 definitions]
contrabassoon a bassoon that is larger than the ordinary bassoon and an octave lower in pitch; double bassoon.
countercheck a check that confirms or contradicts another check; double check. [1/4 definitions]
crumhorn an early double-reed wind instrument, the tube of which terminates in a curve or crook.
Cygnus a summer constellation in the northern sky that is shaped like a cross, located between Cepheus and Aquila and containing the bright star Deneb and a double star; Swan; Northern Cross.
dbl. abbreviation of "double."
debit in double-entry bookkeeping, the left-hand side of an accounts ledger, or any entry or sum recorded on the left-hand side. (Cf. credit.) [2/5 definitions]
Dewar flask a thermos container with a vacuum between, and a reflective surface on the interior of, its double walls, used esp. to store liquefied gases at constant temperatures.