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agnostic having a noncommittal or doubtful opinion about something. [1/4 definitions]
borderline not quite fitting into a well-defined category; doubtful. [1/2 definitions]
debatable open to debate or argument; doubtful.
doubting Thomas a person who is habitually skeptical or doubtful.
dubiety the state of being doubtful or suspicious. [2 definitions]
dubious of doubtful quality, value, or properness. [1/3 definitions]
equivocal doubtful or undecided, as in one's opinion or attitude toward something. [1/3 definitions]
jealous doubtful and suspicious of the faithfulness of someone for whom one has affection. [1/5 definitions]
misgive to be doubtful, fearful, or suspicious. [1/2 definitions]
questionable of doubtful honesty, legality, or propriety. [2/3 definitions]
shady of doubtful morality; untrustworthy. [1/3 definitions]
slender barely justified, doubtful, or weak. [1/4 definitions]
subjunctive in grammar, denoting or pertaining to the mood of a verb that marks a statement or question as hypothetical, doubtful, or grammatically subordinate, such as "were" in "if I were you". [1/2 definitions]
uncertain not knowing with certainty; doubtful or unsure. [1/3 definitions]
wonder to be curious or doubtful about. [1/7 definitions]