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arroyo a steep ditch or gully, usu. dry, carved in a plain or desert by drainage of heavy rainfall.
catch basin a receptacle at the entry to a sewer designed to trap any matter that might block drainage.
catchment the collecting of water, esp. rainwater, in a reservoir or drainage area. [2 definitions]
cesspool a pit or hole for receiving drainage and sewage.
culvert a man-made channel for drainage or the like that passes under a street or other thoroughfare.
ditch a long narrow trench that provides a waterway for drainage or irrigation or a receptacle for something to be buried in, such as sewer pipes or electric power lines. [1/7 definitions]
divide a ridge of land that separates two drainage areas or watersheds. [1/8 definitions]
drainage basin the natural drainage area of a river system.
fistula a surgically created passage made for drainage. [1/2 definitions]
gully a ravine or valley worn away by a watercourse or flooding and still serving as a drainage course for overflow. [1/3 definitions]
lysimeter a device that measures the drainage of water through soils and thus determines the solubility of those substances that have been removed.
sanitation the design and practice of methods for solving basic public health problems such as drainage, sewage treatment, and waste removal.
sink a fixed basin connected to a water supply and a drainage pipe. [1/11 definitions]
tile a short pipe of concrete or baked clay used for drainage. [1/6 definitions]
waste pipe a pipe that carries away drainage, waste water, excess steam, or the like.
watershed a ridge of high land that separates two such drainage areas. [1/3 definitions]