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bass drum a large double-headed cylindrical drum that produces a low, reverberating sound.
baton a rod or staff, usu. of hollow metal, that is carried or twirled by a drum major or majorette. [1/4 definitions]
brake band a lined, flexible, usu. steel band around a brake drum, which, when tightened, creates the friction of a braking action.
brake shoe a curved plate of lined metal that creates friction when pressed against a wheel or brake drum, creating a braking action.
calabash an implement, such as a drum, rattle, or bottle, made from the calabash gourd. [1/2 definitions]
capstan a vertical drum or post on a ship, rotated to hoist weights, such as an anchor, by winding in rope or cable. [1/2 definitions]
conga a long, upright bass drum played with the hands. [1/4 definitions]
drum a booming sound produced by or as if by a drum. [5/10 definitions]
drumbeat the sound made by a drum, esp. when it is rhythmic.
drumfish see drum.
drumhead the membrane that is stretched over the open end of a drum to form the sounding surface.
drum kit a set of percussion instruments arranged for convenient playing by a drummer in a band, the basic set of which usu. includes a bass drum, a tom-tom, a snare drum, a high-hat, and a crash cymbal, also called a drum set.
drum major the leader of a marching band or drum corps, who beats time and often performs twirling tricks with a baton.
drum majorette a female drum major.
drum set a collection of percussion instruments arranged for convenient playing by a drummer; drum kit.
drumstick a stick used to play a drum. [1/2 definitions]
dub2 to strike (a drum). [2/4 definitions]
kettledrum a large, deep, resonant drum, hemispherical in shape and usu. played with soft mallets.
kingfish any of several large marine food fish, related to drum, that are found in warm Atlantic Ocean waters. [1/2 definitions]
majorette see drum majorette.
mimeograph a machine that produces copies of handwritten or typed material by means of a stencil mounted on a rotating inked drum. [1/3 definitions]