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dowager the widow of a duke, king, or the like who retains a title or holdings from her dead husband. [1/2 definitions]
ducal of, concerning, or characteristic of a duke or duchy.
duchess a woman who is married to or the widow of a duke. [2 definitions]
duchy the region over which a duke or duchess rules.
grace (sometimes cap.) a conventional title used in speaking to a duke, duchess, or archbishop, and formerly to a king or queen (usu. prec. by his, her, or your). [1/10 definitions]
grand duchess the wife or widow of a grand duke. [1/3 definitions]
grand duchy a territory or country ruled by a grand duke or duchess.
marquis a nobleman who ranks above an earl or count and below a duke.
peer1 a person of noble rank, esp. a member of the British peerage, such as a duke, viscount, or baron. [1/2 definitions]
William the Conqueror the Duke of Normandy who was king of England from 1066 to 1087; William I (b.1027--d.1087).