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abide to dwell; live. [1/6 definitions]
burrow to hide or dwell in a burrow. [1/5 definitions]
cabin to dwell in a cabin or small space. [1/4 definitions]
collective unconscious in Jungian psychology, the memories and other psychic contents that are accumulated by the experience of all preceding generations and that dwell within the unconscious mind of each individual.
dwelt a past tense and past participle of dwell.
heaven (often cap.) in some religions, the abode of God, where the souls of the good and faithful will dwell after death. [1/5 definitions]
house to reside; dwell. [1/12 definitions]
indwell to dwell or exist within (a person, nature, or other entity) as a motivating force or principle. [2 definitions]
live1 to dwell or reside. [2/10 definitions]
paper nautilus an octopuslike mollusk, the female of which has a thin spiral shell in which she can dwell and lay eggs.
reside to occupy a place for an extended period of time; dwell. [1/2 definitions]
seventh heaven in certain religions, an outer sphere that encloses the earth and is considered to be where God and the highest angels dwell. [1/2 definitions]
tenant to occupy a place as a tenant; live or dwell (usu. fol. by "in"). [1/5 definitions]