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amaranth a purplish red chemical dye. [1/3 definitions]
anil a shrub of the pea family that is native to the West Indies, and from which indigo is obtained, or the blue dye itself. [1/2 definitions]
arteriography examination of the arteries by x-ray after injection with a radiopaque dye.
batik a technique for dyeing that involves covering certain areas of the fabric with removable wax in order to repel the dye. [1/2 definitions]
chrome to dye or treat with a chromium compound. [1/5 definitions]
cochineal a bright red dye made from the bodies of female scale insects.
cochineal insect any of a family of tropical insects that feeds on certain cactuses, esp. in Mexico, the female of which is the source of a brilliant red dye.
color that which is used to impart color, such as dye or paint. [1/12 definitions]
colorant something that changes the color of something else, esp. a pigment or dye.
cudbear a purple dye obtained from lichens.
dye to color or stain, esp. by immersing in a dye. [3/5 definitions]
dyeable combined form of dye.
dyeing the process or art of using dye to color fabric.
dyer's woad a yellow-flowered biennial plant whose leaves yield a blue dye.
dyestuff a substance that can be used as or made into a dye.
encephalogram an x-ray photograph of the spaces of the brain normally filled with cerebrospinal fluid, partially replaced for the procedure by air or dye.
fuchsin a purplish red dye.
Gram's method a method of classifying bacteria by staining them with a violet dye, the retention or loss of which determines their classification.
henna to dye (the hair) with henna. [1/4 definitions]
indigo a blue dye obtained from various plants or made synthetically. [2/3 definitions]
kermes the dried bodies of the female of certain scale insects, from which a purple-red dye is obtained. [2/3 definitions]