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caret an editorial sign (^) that indicates where an insertion is to be made in a text.
column a regularly appearing article or editorial in a newspaper or magazine. [1/5 definitions]
editorialize to put forth one's opinion in or as if in an editorial. [1/2 definitions]
editorship editorial policy or guidance. [1/2 definitions]
managing editor an executive who supervises the editorial staff of a publication, book publishing company, or the like.
noneditorial combined form of editorial.
op-ed a newspaper page, generally appearing opposite the editorial page, that presents the submitted opinions or contributions of readers, or a single signed article on such a page. [1/2 definitions]
recension an editorial revision of a text based on critical examination of various versions of it. [1/2 definitions]
stet an editorial direction to retain material previously canceled. [1/2 definitions]