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affect1 to move emotionally; touch. [1/4 definitions]
affected1 touched emotionally; moved; impressed. [1/2 definitions]
affecting emotionally moving.
agitate to upset or excite, esp. emotionally. [1/3 definitions]
assailant a person who attacks another with intent to injure physically, socially, or emotionally.
at arm's length at a distance; emotionally or physically detached.
barbed emotionally wounding; piercing. [1/2 definitions]
bond that which binds people emotionally or intellectually, such as a common interest, love, or feelings of loyalty. [1/6 definitions]
clinical emotionally detached; objective; analytical. [1/3 definitions]
comprehend mentally or emotionally come to terms with or make logical sense of; grasp the reality of or reasons behind. [1/3 definitions]
crack up to break down emotionally. [1/2 definitions]
cripple (old-fashioned, sometimes offensive) a person who is mentally or emotionally disabled or impaired. [1/4 definitions]
denial a state of unwillingness to mentally or emotionally accept that which is in fact true. [1/5 definitions]
devastated emotionally overwhelmed; severely affected. [1/2 definitions]
dissolve to give way emotionally. [1/11 definitions]
distraught mentally or emotionally unbalanced; crazed. [1/2 definitions]
disturbed mentally or emotionally unbalanced. [1/2 definitions]
drama a television show or film that is serious in nature and depicts emotionally-charged situations using fictional characters. (Cf. comedy.) [1/5 definitions]
dry-eyed not crying; emotionally unmoved.
entreat to ask someone urgently or emotionally for. [2/3 definitions]
equable emotionally stable; not easily upset. [1/2 definitions]