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cloisonné enamel work on metal, as in jewelry or bowls, with the colors separated by thin metal strips or wire.
crown the enamel covering over the visible part of a tooth. [1/21 definitions]
dentine the bonelike material under the enamel of a tooth which constitutes the main part of the tooth.
Dutch oven a heavy iron or enamel kettle with an arched lid, for the slow cooking of pot roasts, stews, or other dishes. [1/3 definitions]
enamel to inlay or apply enamel to. [1/5 definitions]
enamelware metal utensils or kitchenware that is coated with enamel.
graniteware a variety of household ironware with a hard gray enamel coating that resembles granite. [1/3 definitions]
hydroxyapatite a calcium mineral that is an important component of bone and dental enamel in humans and other animals.