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agent a law-enforcement or intelligence officer. [1/5 definitions]
APB a general bulletin or alert sent to many law-enforcement agencies; all-points bulletin.
arm1 the part of an organization that specializes in operations or enforcement; authority. [1/3 definitions]
blotter a book used to record daily events or transactions, esp. those pertaining to law enforcement. [1/2 definitions]
nonenforcement combined form of enforcement.
peacekeeping the enforcement of a truce or peace between nations, esp. by an international authority such as the United Nations. [2 definitions]
posse a group of citizens summoned by a county law enforcement official and given temporary legal authority to assist in law enforcement, as for pursuit of a criminal. [1/2 definitions]
prosecute to begin or carry on legal action against (a person or group), or to seek enforcement of (a claim) through legal action. [1/5 definitions]
sheriff the chief law-enforcement official of a county or similar governmental unit. [1/2 definitions]
sky marshal a federal law enforcement officer assigned to prevent the hijacking of commercial airliners.
sting (slang) an elaborate confidence game, esp. one executed by law enforcement officers to collect evidence. [1/9 definitions]
SWAT a team of law enforcement officers specially trained to deal with violent or dangerous situations (acronym for "special weapons and tactics").
vigilance committee a group of citizens that illegally assumes authority to punish crime because of dissatisfaction with or absence of the usual law-enforcement agencies.
wide-open having no laws or lax enforcement of laws on gambling, prostitution, and the like. [1/2 definitions]