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aeropulse see pulsejet engine.
afterburner a device that increases the thrust of a jet engine by injecting fuel into the exhaust gases for burning. [2 definitions]
air-cooled cooled by circulating air, as an engine. [1/2 definitions]
air-fuel pertaining to the air and fuel injected at the same time into a combustion engine.
alternative fuel a fuel other than fossil fuel used to power an internal combustion engine.
antiknock reducing or preventing knocking in an internal combustion engine, by being added to the gasoline.
B-17 a four-engine U.S. bomber extensively used in World War II; Flying Fortress.
backfire to emit a loud noise as the result of inefficient functioning of the engine of a car or other internal-combustion vehicle. [2/4 definitions]
backwash in aeronautical terminology, air that a propeller, jet engine, or the like pushes toward the rear of an airplane. [1/4 definitions]
blow-by the leakage of unburned gases or of air mixed with fuel into the crankcase of an automobile engine, or the gases so leaking. [1/2 definitions]
bonnet (chiefly British) the metal lid that covers a car's engine; hood. [1/6 definitions]
burnout the end of firing of a rocket's engine prior to unpowered flight. [1/3 definitions]
camshaft an engine shaft having one or more cams.
carburetor a device in an internal-combustion engine that produces a combustible mixture of vaporized fuel and air.
chassis in a motor vehicle, the frame supporting the body and engine. [1/4 definitions]
choke to enrich the fuel mixture of (an internal-combustion engine) by reducing the flow of air to the carburetor. [1/9 definitions]
chuff a chugging or puffing sound, as of a steam engine. [1/2 definitions]
clutch1 a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging two shafts or other moving parts of an engine, as in an automobile. [1/9 definitions]
combustion chamber an engine chamber, esp. in a jet or rocket, in which fuel or a propellant is burned.
combustor the apparatus in a jet engine in which combustion occurs.
compression the reduction in volume and increase in pressure of air or air mixed with fuel in the cylinder of an internal combustion engine prior to ignition, or the engine cycle in which this process takes place. [1/3 definitions]