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Alfred Nobel a Swedish engineer, industrialist, and philanthropist who invented dynamite and established the Nobel prizes (b.1833--d.1896).
copula in grammar, a verb or other word that connects a subject and a predicate, such as "is" in "John is an engineer" and "seem" in "They seem tired"; linking verb. [1/3 definitions]
diplomate a person who holds a diploma, esp. a physician or engineer certified as a specialist by a board of respected professionals.
engineer to plan, construct, or supervise as an engineer. [1/5 definitions]
engineering the work done by an engineer. [1/2 definitions]
flight deck an elevated front section in some airplanes, occupied by the pilot, copilot, and engineer. [1/2 definitions]
highball a signal to a train engineer to start or proceed at full speed. [1/4 definitions]
James Watt a Scottish engineer and inventor of the steam engine (b.1736--d.1819).
Leonardo da Vinci an Italian painter, sculptor, engineer, musician, and scientist (b.1452--d.1519).
overengineer combined form of engineer.
reengineer combined form of engineer.
Seabee a member of the Civil Engineer Corps of the U.S. Navy that constructs harbor facilities, airfields, and the like (acronym for "Construction Battalion").