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bang (informal) a keen pleasure or enjoyment. [1/11 definitions]
bon appétit (French) good appetite (used before a meal to wish diners enjoyment ).
botanical garden a garden in which many species of plants, esp. exotic or rare specimens, are displayed for enjoyment and scientific study.
dancing the activity of moving the body to music for enjoyment.
delectation enjoyment; delight; pleasure.
delight considerable pleasure, satisfaction, or enjoyment. [4/5 definitions]
flower a plant capable of producing blossoms, grown primarily for visual enjoyment. [1/6 definitions]
fun something that gives amusement, pleasure, or enjoyment.
grovel to find enjoyment in base or petty pleasures. [1/3 definitions]
gusto vigorous or hearty enjoyment or appreciation.
hike to take a long walk, esp. in the country or through rugged terrain, as for enjoyment, exercise, or training. [2/6 definitions]
hooked (informal) strongly compelled to continue the use or enjoyment of something; addicted. [1/4 definitions]
kill-joy one who spoils the fun or enjoyment of others, esp. by being gloomy or pessimistic.
liking a feeling of preference, enjoyment, or fondness. [1/2 definitions]
love strong interest or enjoyment, as for an activity. [1/10 definitions]
merriment gaiety and mirth; happy enjoyment, esp. in company.
national monument a natural landmark or historic site maintained and preserved by a national government for public enjoyment or use.
national park a large area of scenic beauty, or historic or scientific interest, maintained and preserved by a national government for public use and enjoyment.
pleasing giving enjoyment or satisfaction; likable; agreeable.
pleasure something that gives enjoyment or satisfaction. [1/6 definitions]
quaff to drink, esp. deeply and with obvious enjoyment. [2/3 definitions]