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aggrandize to increase in size or scope; enlarge; extend. [1/2 definitions]
atropine a toxic extract of belladonna used to control spasms and pain and to enlarge the pupils of the eye.
blow up to enlarge, as a photograph. [1/5 definitions]
broach to create or enlarge (a hole), esp. in order to draw out liquid, as from a cask. [1/7 definitions]
build to strengthen or enlarge. [1/7 definitions]
build up to enlarge, strengthen, or develop, esp. in stages. [1/3 definitions]
countersink to enlarge the top portion of (a hole) so that the inserted head of a bolt, screw, or the like does not protrude above the surface. [1/4 definitions]
dilate to make wider or larger; enlarge; expand. [1/3 definitions]
enlargeable combined form of enlarge.
filler something added in order to enlarge or augment. [1/4 definitions]
hone a precision tool with an abrasive tip that rotates, used to enlarge holes. [2/5 definitions]
hydrocephalus a condition, esp. in children, in which an abnormal amount of serum accumulates in the brain's ventricles, causing the skull to enlarge and the brain to compress.
hypertrophy to enlarge abnormally. [1/2 definitions]
inflate to enlarge, expand, or distend. [1/5 definitions]
magic lantern an instrument formerly used to project and enlarge photographic slides.
magnify to increase the actual size of; enlarge. [1/4 definitions]
maximize to increase or enlarge as much as possible.
ream2 to enlarge or finish a round hole or opening with or as if with a reamer. [1/2 definitions]
telescope an optical instrument, usu. cylindrical, that employs lenses and sometimes mirrors to enlarge the images of distant objects, esp. those in outer space. [1/7 definitions]