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attention a military stance in which the body is erect, the legs and feet together, and the eyes forward. [1/4 definitions]
Boston terrier an American terrier originally crossbred from a bulldog and a bull terrier, with a pug face, erect ears, short tail, and a short brindle or black coat with white markings on the face, chest, and forelegs.
bristle to erect the bristles in fright or anger. [1/6 definitions]
convolvulus any of several twining, twisting, or erect plants bearing trumpet-shaped flowers and triangular leaves.
dildo an object made of rubber, plastic, or the like to simulate an erect penis.
erectable combined form of erect.
fox a wild carnivore, related to dogs and wolves, that has a pointed muzzle, erect ears, and a bushy tail. [1/7 definitions]
gladiolus any of numerous plants of the iris family that have colorful flowers growing on long, erect stems, or a flower or a stem of flowers from such a plant.
goose flesh a temporary, roughened condition of the skin in which the papillae become erect as a result of fear, surprise, cold, or the like; goose bumps; goose pimples.
hackle (pl.) the hairs on the back of the neck of certain animals, such as the dog, that become erect under provocation, as in anger. [1/3 definitions]
hoopoe a bird with plumage of a marked design, an erect, fanlike crest, and a long, thin, slightly curved bill.
Kerry blue terrier any of a breed of small dog with a long, narrow head, a soft, wavy bluish gray coat, and an erect, docked tail.
Norwich terrier any of a breed of short-legged terriers with a wiry coat and erect ears.
papillon any of a breed of toy spaniels having a long, silky coat and large erect ears that resemble butterfly wings.
parade rest a position, used in the military, in which the feet are held twelve inches apart, the hands are clasped behind the back, and the head is held erect and facing ahead.
puffer fish any of various saltwater fishes that are capable, when irritated or alarmed, of swallowing water or air and puffing up their bodies to many times their usual size, causing, in some species, sharp protective spines to become erect.
raise to erect (a building or other structure). [1/14 definitions]
rear2 to erect; build. [1/4 definitions]
reerect combined form of erect.
ruffle to cause (feathers) to become erect. [1/9 definitions]
Samoyed one of a Russian breed of dog that had a thick white or cream-colored coat, a bushy tail, and erect ears, used to pull sleds and herd reindeer. [1/3 definitions]