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Anglomania a greatly exaggerated attachment to or imitation of English manners, habits, institutions, and the like.
ballyhoo exaggerated, noisy, insistent advertising or publicity. [1/2 definitions]
braggadocio empty or exaggerated boasting. [1/3 definitions]
bravado a false, exaggerated, or boastful display of courage.
bugbear something that causes fear, esp. fear that is exaggerated or without basis.
clown a comic performer, as in a circus, who wears odd clothes and exaggerated makeup and entertains by jokes, tricks, juggling, and the like. [1/4 definitions]
conceit an exaggerated opinion of oneself; vanity. [2/3 definitions]
conceited having an exaggerated opinion of oneself; vain.
cool (informal) entire; not exaggerated. [1/15 definitions]
crock (slang) exaggerated or false speech or writing. [1/2 definitions]
dotage foolish or exaggerated affection. [1/2 definitions]
dramatics (used with a pl. verb) exaggerated behavior; histrionics. [1/3 definitions]
emote to express or simulate emotion, esp. in an exaggerated or theatrical manner.
fantastic wildly imaginative or outlandish; fanciful; exaggerated. [1/5 definitions]
fantasy imagination or something imagined, esp. if fanciful, exaggerated, or bizarre. [1/5 definitions]
farce a comedy that depends for its humor on quick and surprising turns of events and on exaggerated characters and situations, or the type of humor characteristic of such a play. [1/2 definitions]
far-fetched improbable or unlikely; exaggerated; irrelevant.
fish story (informal) an exaggerated or fanciful account, as of the huge fish that escaped.
gonzo (slang) esp. in journalism, bizarre, exaggerated, and intentionally subjective.
gush an exaggerated display of unreserved emotional or sentimental language. [1/7 definitions]
hammy overacted or exaggerated. [1/2 definitions]