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acidity the condition of having excess acid. [1/3 definitions]
alcohol one of a class of colorless, flammable, and volatile liquids that in pure form is contained in beverages such as beer, wine, and whiskey, and causes intoxication when drunk to excess; ethanol. [1/3 definitions]
antichlor any of several substances used to remove excess chlorine bleach from materials, such as paper or fabric, that have been bleached.
asphyxia a lack of oxygen or excess of carbon dioxide in the lungs that results in suffocation.
bilious suffering from an excess of bile or malfunction of the liver. [1/3 definitions]
bloated of a part of the body, swollen due to an excess of fluid or gas. [2/3 definitions]
blotting paper a soft thick absorbent paper used to blot excess ink from a piece of writing; blotter.
boast to talk with an excess of pride, esp. about oneself; brag. [2/5 definitions]
bonus a donation or payment in excess of what is required, usu. as a reward for exceeding the terms of a contract. [1/3 definitions]
burnout a malfunction of a motor, electrical device, or the like caused by excess heat from electric current. [1/3 definitions]
cholesterol a white substance, found in various tissues of all animals, which serves as a detoxifier in the bloodstream and surrounds certain nerve sheaths, and an excess of which is thought to contribute to hardening of the arteries.
congest to fill to excess; overcrowd; clog. [1/3 definitions]
congested filled to excess; clogged; overcrowded.
contract bridge a form of bridge in which only the number of tricks named in the contract may count toward a game, the excess tricks counting as a bonus score. (Cf. auction bridge.)
crapulous sickened or severely distressed because of such excess. [1/2 definitions]
decompression the relieving of excess pressure, as in a body cavity, by surgery. [1/2 definitions]
diabetes mellitus a chronic and potentially fatal form of diabetes characterized by insulin deficiency, excess sugar in the blood and urine, and abnormal thirst and hunger.
dramatize to make dramatic or affecting, sometimes to excess. [1/2 definitions]
drink to use alcoholic liquor, esp. to excess. [1/12 definitions]
face powder a dustlike cosmetic substance composed of talcum, used esp. to absorb excess oil.
fanjet a jet engine that uses an impeller fan to draw in more air than is needed for fuel combustion, the excess being mixed with the products of the combustion to form an exhaust jet that provides extra thrust; turbofan. [1/2 definitions]