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Amex abbreviation of "American Stock Exchange."
ASE abbreviation of "American Stock Exchange."
au pair (French) a girl or woman who works for a family, usu. in a foreign country, in exchange for room and board. [1/2 definitions]
bandy to exchange or pass back and forth between two or more people, often competitively. [1/4 definitions]
bargain an agreement that contains the terms of a transaction or exchange. [5/6 definitions]
basis point a unit equal to one hundredth of one percent, used in economics and finance to measure exchange rates, interest rates, and the like.
book club a commercial enterprise that sells or lends books to subscribers, usu. at a discount in exchange for a specified minimum purchase.
bourse a stock exchange of a European city, esp. of Paris, France.
buy to obtain in exchange for money; purchase. [2/7 definitions]
buy off to give money in exchange for cooperation, silence, or noninterference; bribe.
cartel a written agreement between warring governments, esp. for an exchange of prisoners. [1/2 definitions]
cash to exchange (a check, draft, or money order) for money in the form of bills or coins. [1/3 definitions]
cash discount a discount on merchandise given in exchange for payment within a stipulated period, or the amount or percentage of the discount.
chaffer haggling or bargaining over an exchange. [1/4 definitions]
change to make an exchange. [1/18 definitions]
chat casual talk, gossip, or exchange of opinion. [1/5 definitions]
closed-end investment company an investment company that issues a fixed number of shares in large blocks, at infrequent intervals, which are traded on an exchange.
commerce the exchange of goods or services for money; business transactions. [1/2 definitions]
commercial paper any of various negotiable papers, such as bills of exchange, used in business transactions.
communicate to exchange thoughts, ideas, or information. [1/4 definitions]
commutation exchange or substitution of one thing for another. [1/3 definitions]