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administer to manage, execute, or be in charge of. [1/5 definitions]
bobble to execute (something) incorrectly or fumble an object, such as a ball. [1/2 definitions]
coordination the functioning of different muscles together to execute a complex movement. [1/2 definitions]
crucify to execute by nailing or tying to a cross. [1/2 definitions]
curtsy to execute a curtsy. [1/2 definitions]
dispense to execute or administer (the law). [1/4 definitions]
dressage the practice or methodology of training horses, esp. to obey and execute certain complicated movements.
electric chair a chair through which high voltages of electricity are passed in order to execute a convicted criminal. [1/2 definitions]
electrocute to kill by electricity, esp. to execute (a condemned prisoner) by electricity, as in an electric chair.
executioner a person who has official authorization to execute a death sentence.
fake in sports, to execute a misleading maneuver; feint. [1/8 definitions]
flip-flop to execute a backward somersault or handspring. [1/7 definitions]
fulfill to execute or carry out (a duty, command, or the like). [1/4 definitions]
garrote to execute using a garrote. [1/5 definitions]
gibbet to execute or display on a gibbet. [1/2 definitions]
glissade to execute a glissade. [1/3 definitions]
halter1 to execute by hanging. [1/5 definitions]
phrase to execute (a passage or passages of music) in a particular way. [2/11 definitions]
promenade to execute a promenade in a dance. [1/8 definitions]
punch1 to execute a punch or punches. [1/6 definitions]
put to the sword to kill, esp. with a sword; execute.