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countervail to have or exert equal power in opposition. [1/3 definitions]
crowd to exert pressure on. [1/9 definitions]
duopsony the market condition that exists when there are only two buyers, who can thus exert great influence on price. (Cf. monopsony, oligopsony.)
hackamore a simple bitless bridle of rope or rawhide with a reinforced noseband and single rope rein which together exert controlling pressure on the nose of a horse, used esp. for training.
hump (slang) to hurry or exert oneself (sometimes fol. by "it"). [1/6 definitions]
inspire to exert a stimulating influence on by stirring the emotions. [1/7 definitions]
leverage the ability to be effective or exert influence, gained by having some advantageous circumstance. [1/5 definitions]
monopsony the market condition that exists when there is only one buyer, who can thus exert great influence on price. (Cf. duopsony, monopoly, oligopsony.)
overexert combined form of exert.
power the ability to exert authority or control over others. [1/9 definitions]
press1 to exert pressure or force. [1/16 definitions]
push to exert pressure against in order to move. [2/13 definitions]
rule to exert authority over; govern. [2/13 definitions]
squeeze to exert pressure on or crush so as to extract something from. [2/12 definitions]
strain1 to exert or extend to the maximum. [1/16 definitions]
strive to try or work hard; exert oneself. [1/2 definitions]
sweat to force or exert pressure on to work harder. [1/18 definitions]
toggle joint a joint shaped like a knee or elbow, with two parts pivoted together so that pressure applied to the pivot point forces the parts to straighten and exert outward pressure at their free ends.
urge to exert an impelling force. [1/7 definitions]
wield to exert or use (influence, power, or the like). [1/2 definitions]
work to exert one's energy to achieve some result; labor; toil. [2/21 definitions]