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affluent based on or conditioned by prolonged prosperity and the expectation of continued prosperity, as a society. [1/3 definitions]
anticipation expectation or hope. [1/3 definitions]
bear2 one who believes that prices will fall in a particular market such as the stock market, esp. one who sells on the basis of this expectation. (Cf. bull1.) [1/5 definitions]
bull1 one who believes that prices will rise in a particular market such as the stock market, esp. one who buys on the basis of this expectation. (Cf. bear2.) [1/9 definitions]
cinch (informal) something sure to happen, or someone sure to carry out an expectation. [1/6 definitions]
defeatist characterized by an acceptance or expectation of failure. [1/2 definitions]
double bind a situation in which a person can satisfy one expectation or demand only by failing to satisfy another; dilemma.
electric charged with tension or expectation. [1/4 definitions]
expectant characterized by expectation or anticipation. [1/3 definitions]
fear an emotion characterized by alarm, anxiety, and tension, often caused by an expectation of danger or pain; dread. [1/8 definitions]
fulfill to satisfy (a requirement, expectation, or desire). [1/4 definitions]
irony contrast between expectation and outcome, or an event or situation that contains such contrast. [1/3 definitions]
modal auxiliary an auxiliary verb, such as "can," "may," "must," or "should," that is used to modify the meaning of a main verb by including such notions as necessity, possibility, certainty, capability, advisability, potential, and expectation.
overexpectation combined form of expectation.
plan to have an intention or expectation (fol. by "on"). [1/7 definitions]
prospect foreseeable possibility; expectation. [1/5 definitions]
reckon (informal) to have a thought or expectation, or make a judgment that. [1/5 definitions]
supposed presumed or expected; used especially when fact differs or may differ from expectation. [1/5 definitions]
unbelievable very hard to believe; extremely unlikely or beyond any reasonable expectation.
wait to remain ready for or in expectation of something. [2/8 definitions]
watch to look or wait in alert expectation (usu. fol. by "for"). [1/10 definitions]