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absent not in the expected or required place. [1/3 definitions]
add to make the correct total or expected result (often fol. by "up"). [1/6 definitions]
ahead in a position of having progressed more quickly than is necessary or expected. [1/6 definitions]
alignment the appropriate or expected relationship of one thing to another or others. [1/4 definitions]
as1 in the way expected or agreed on. [1/11 definitions]
be used to indicate that something is or was strongly expected, requested, or due to happen, especially because arranged or scheduled (followed by an infinitive). [1/10 definitions]
bearish of or pertaining to a real or expected decline in the stock market or in the economy. [1/2 definitions]
behind in a position of having progressed less quickly than expected or required. [1/10 definitions]
bereft completely lacking something needed or expected. [1/4 definitions]
betimes before the time that is necessary, expected, or customary; early.
chi-square a statistical method that determines to what degree the differences between expected data and data actually derived can be ascribed to chance, rather than to some general cause or principle.
chivalry gallantry, courtesy, loyalty, and other qualities expected of an ideal knight. [1/3 definitions]
deficit an amount by which something is less than what is required or expected, esp. the amount by which income is less than expenses.
deliver to produce something desired or expected. [1/9 definitions]
disconnect a disparity or lack of connection where agreement or strong relationship might be expected. [1/3 definitions]
due supposed to arrive; awaited; expected. [2/7 definitions]
dutiful carrying out one's duties or responsibilities as required or expected. [1/2 definitions]
early ahead of or before the usual or expected time. [1/10 definitions]
even used as an intensive to indicate something surprising or contrary to the expected. [1/17 definitions]
exceed to go beyond (what is required, expected, or considered reasonable). [1/3 definitions]
excess the state or an instance of going beyond what is required, expected, or considered reasonable. [2/5 definitions]