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B-girl a woman employed by a drinking establishment to act as a companion for male customers and entice them to buy expensive drinks.
conspicuous consumption the accumulation of expensive goods and property in order to impress others.
corundum an exceedingly hard mineral, aluminum oxide, occurring commonly in gray, brown, or blue varieties which are used esp. as abrasives, and more rarely in transparent, crystalline forms such as the ruby and sapphire used in expensive jewelry.
dear expensive or excessive. [1/9 definitions]
deluxe especially sumptuous, elegant, or expensive. [1/2 definitions]
finery1 expensive or exceptionally elaborate or showy clothing, jewelry, or the like.
first class the best equipped, most luxurious, and most expensive class of accommodation, as on a commercial aircraft or ship. [1/3 definitions]
first-class designating the best-equipped and most expensive, as accommodations. [2/4 definitions]
folly an unwise or foolish undertaking, such as an expensive project that fails. [1/4 definitions]
high costly; expensive; dear. [1/14 definitions]
lavish abundant or expensive; extravagant. [1/3 definitions]
low-cost not expensive; available at a low price or cost.
milady the fashion industry's term for a woman with expensive taste. [1/2 definitions]
mouton sheepskin or lambskin processed to resemble more expensive beaver or seal furs, usu. used for coats.
second class a class of accommodation on a ship, at a hotel, or the like that is less expensive and luxurious than first class, but more so than third class. [1/3 definitions]
steep1 too expensive or high, as a price or amount. [1/3 definitions]
sugar daddy (informal) a wealthy older man who lavishes money and expensive gifts on a usu. attractive young woman in return for companionship and intimacy.
superexpensive combined form of expensive.
third class the least expensive class of accommodation on a ship, at a hotel, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
trade paperback a paperback book that resembles a hard cover book in size and content and is sold in bookstores, as opposed to smaller and less expensive paperback books.
valuable having great material or monetary worth; expensive. [1/3 definitions]