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add-on in computing, a supplementary program or piece of code written to alter, enhance, or extend the behavior of a main program. [1/2 definitions]
aggrandize to increase in size or scope; enlarge; extend. [1/2 definitions]
boom2 a heavy beam on a derrick, used to extend and support cargo or other weight. [2/5 definitions]
brief (pl.) close-fitting underpants for males or females that extend from the tops of the legs to the waist. [1/8 definitions]
bulge to protrude or extend outward. [1/4 definitions]
bumpkin2 a pole or beam protruding from a ship's deck or hull used to tie down blocks and the like or to extend sails.
cantilever to project or extend outward like a cantilever. [2/4 definitions]
carry to extend further; continue. [1/16 definitions]
coextend to extend equally through space or time.
come to extend or reach (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/12 definitions]
continue to extend; prolong. [1/7 definitions]
crane to extend (the neck), esp. in attempting to see something. [2/6 definitions]
cranial nerve any of the twelve paired nerves, such as the optic and auditory nerves, that extend from the stem of the brain through openings in the skull.
dipole antenna a radio or television antenna consisting of two equal rods that extend outward in opposite directions.
diverge to extend or move away in different directions from a common point. [1/4 definitions]
elongate to grow longer; extend. [1/3 definitions]
extendable combined form of extend.
go1 to extend from one point to another. [1/27 definitions]
hamstring any of three muscles at the back of the human thigh that are used to flex the knee, rotate the leg, and extend the thigh. [1/5 definitions]
hippocampus one of two ridges of nerve matter that extend along the lateral ventricles of the brain from the olfactory lobe to the rear of the cerebrum.
horn the hard, bony, hollow growths that extend, usu. in a pair, from the head of certain mammals such as cows and deer. [1/6 definitions]