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autistic savant an autistic person who has an extraordinary gift or ability, as in mathematics, music, or art.
average a usual amount or kind; that which is not extreme or extraordinary. [1/9 definitions]
clairvoyance extraordinary intuition or perceptiveness. [1/2 definitions]
exceeding very great in degree or quantity; extraordinary.
exigent requiring an extraordinary effort or expenditure; demanding. [1/2 definitions]
freak1 something exhibiting aberration or abnormality, esp. a human or animal with some extraordinary physical defect or malformation. [2/4 definitions]
genius extraordinary power of intellect, esp. as shown in artistic or scientific work. [1/5 definitions]
great of extraordinary quality, ability, or distinction. [1/7 definitions]
Harlem Globetrotters world-renowned U.S. basketball team founded in 1927, which plays exhibition matches highlighting their extraordinary skill and comic maneuvers.
idiot savant (outdated; no longer in scientific use) a mentally handicapped person who displays an extraordinary talent in one particular area.
incredible extraordinary; astonishing. [1/2 definitions]
legend a person whose extraordinary accomplishments or unique personality makes him or her remarkable and an inspiration for popular stories. [1/4 definitions]
lionize to view or treat (someone) as a celebrity or extraordinary person.
phenomenal amazing or extraordinary. [1/3 definitions]
phenomenon an extraordinary person, esp. one of high achievement or talent. [1/3 definitions]
pisser one that is extraordinary. [1/2 definitions]
preternatural out of or beyond the natural; extraordinary or unnatural. [1/2 definitions]
prodigy something that inspires wonder by being extraordinary. [1/2 definitions]
rarity extraordinary excellence. [1/4 definitions]
savant a person with extraordinary intellectual skill in a limited area or areas despite cognitive disability in other areas. [1/2 definitions]
sensational wonderful; extraordinary. [1/3 definitions]