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abhorrent causing feelings of extreme loathing or horror; abominable. [2/3 definitions]
abysmal of vast extent; unmeasurable; extreme. [1/2 definitions]
adulation extreme or excessive praise.
allergy a pathological state of extreme sensitivity to certain substances, causing respiratory difficulties, skin rashes, and other problems.
anaphylaxis extreme allergic reaction to a substance, typically a foreign protein or drug, following a previous exposure to the same substance.
arch- extreme. [1/3 definitions]
archconservative conservative in the extreme. [1/2 definitions]
arc welding a method of welding in which the extreme heat of an electric arc is used.
ascetic one who practices extreme self-denial, esp. of material comforts and pleasures, and esp. for religious reasons. [1/3 definitions]
average a usual amount or kind; that which is not extreme or extraordinary. [2/9 definitions]
balanced not going too far in the direction of any extreme so that rationality, harmony, or stability is achieved; keeping to proper proportions.
ballyhoo to advertise or publicize by extreme, clamorous methods. [1/2 definitions]
beggar a person in extreme poverty. [1/4 definitions]
beggary the state of being a beggar; extreme poverty. [1/3 definitions]
beside oneself in a state of extreme agitation or excitement.
bliss extreme or supreme happiness. [1/2 definitions]
bloodcurdling causing extreme fright; horrifying.
breakneck dangerously extreme or rapid.
brilliance extreme brightness or luster. [2 definitions]
brilliant having a mind of extreme clarity, sharpness, and quickness. [1/5 definitions]
brink an extreme state or condition beyond which lies major change; verge; precipice. [1/2 definitions]