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aglimmer putting forth a faint or fluctuating light; glimmering.
black out to lose consciousness; faint.
dim faint or dull. [1/9 definitions]
faintly in a faint way; dimly, weakly, or very quietly. [1/2 definitions]
glimmer a slight suggestion; faint appearance; trace. [1/4 definitions]
glimmering a faint, flickering light; glimmer. [2/3 definitions]
glimpse a vague or faint idea or suggestion; glimmer. [1/4 definitions]
glint a brief or faint appearance; trace; inkling. [1/4 definitions]
keel over to faint or fall over suddenly.
light-headed slightly faint, dizzy, or mentally confused.
obscure appearing faint or indistinct. [1/6 definitions]
on the off chance with the very slight likelihood; against the faint hope.
pale faint; feeble. [1/5 definitions]
pass out to faint or lose consciousness.
qualm an abrupt and unexpected faint, nauseated, or sick feeling. [1/2 definitions]
rally1 to revive, as if from a faint or illness. [1/12 definitions]
ring-necked duck a dark North American duck, the male of which has a faint, copper-colored ring around the neck.
semblance a faint trace; a modicum. [1/3 definitions]
shadowy resembling a shadow; vague, faint, or illusory in nature. [1/2 definitions]
sniff a faint odor, aroma, or trace. [1/7 definitions]
swim to feel dizzy or faint. [1/10 definitions]