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Aeneas the Trojan hero of the Aeneid, who survives the fall of Troy, wanders for seven years, and becomes the founder of Rome.
Aeneid an epic poem by Virgil that tells of the adventures of Aeneas from the fall of Troy to his founding of Rome.
assort to fall into the same class or group; be matched. [1/2 definitions]
autumn the season of the year between summer and winter, in the northern hemisphere continuing from the September equinox to the December solstice; fall.
avalanche to fall or come down suddenly, as in an avalanche. [1/4 definitions]
bear2 one who believes that prices will fall in a particular market such as the stock market, esp. one who sells on the basis of this expectation. (Cf. bull1.) [1/5 definitions]
belly-flop to fall or drop oneself heavily down on one's belly, as onto a bed. [1/3 definitions]
brant any of several small dark-colored European or North American geese that breed in arctic regions and migrate south in the fall.
bring down to overthrow or cause to fall. [1/2 definitions]
capillarity the tension between contacting surfaces of a liquid and a solid that causes the liquid to rise or fall; capillary action.
cascade anything that falls or seems to fall like a cascade. [3/5 definitions]
cast to cause to fall upon a person, object, or idea; shed. [1/18 definitions]
colchicum any of various plants of the lily family, usu. blooming in the fall; autumn crocus. [1/2 definitions]
collapse to fall down; give way; cave in. [1/7 definitions]
come a cropper to fall or tumble, esp. from a horse. [1/2 definitions]
concussion an injury esp. of the brain resulting from a heavy blow, fall, or shock. [1/2 definitions]
crash1 to decline suddenly or fall, as a financial market or currency. [1/17 definitions]
crumble to fall into small bits; decay. [1/2 definitions]
crumple to cause to fall down or collapse. [2/5 definitions]
daylight-saving time standard time that has been advanced by one hour in a given time zone, usu. in the spring and lasting into the fall, in order to provide one more hour of daylight at the end of each day.
decadent characterized by a fall into an inferior state; decaying; degenerate. [1/3 definitions]