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aftermost nearest the back or stern, as on a ship; farthest aft.
alee at or toward that side of a ship which is farthest from the source of wind.
aphelion the point that is farthest from the sun in the orbit of a planet or comet.
apogee the point in the orbit of the moon or of a man-made satellite that is farthest from the earth. (Cf. perigee.) [2 definitions]
easternmost farthest east.
extremity the farthest reach or point of a thing. [1/4 definitions]
farthermost farthest.
fundus in anatomy, the base of an organ or the part of the organ farthest from its opening.
furthermost most remote or distant; farthest away.
innermost farthest inside. [1/2 definitions]
little finger the finger farthest from the thumb; pinkie.
offing the farthest reaches of the sea visible from shore.
outer of or pertaining to that part farthest from the center.
outermost farthest from the center or interior.
outmost most distant from a fixed point or center; farthest out; outermost.
pinion2 the part of a bird's wing farthest from its body, containing bones analogous to those of the hand. [1/7 definitions]
pinkie (informal) the finger farthest from the thumb; little finger.
Pluto a dwarf planet in the Earth's solar system with a highly elliptical orbit and a diameter of 2,370 kilometers, or approximately 1,475 miles. Pluto was formerly considered a planet in the solar system, the smallest and farthest from the sun, but it was reclassified in 2006 as a dwarf. However, the debate about the classification continues in the scientific community. [1/2 definitions]
rear1 the part of a military unit or area that is farthest away from the enemy. [1/5 definitions]
rearmost farthest to the back or end; last.
sternmost in nautical terminology, farthest astern; last in line.