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adamant unlikely to change in response to any request or argument; firmly decided or fixed; unyielding. [1/3 definitions]
adamantine firmly decided or fixed; unyielding; adamant. [1/2 definitions]
adhere to stick or cling firmly, as by gluing (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/3 definitions]
admonish to criticize or rebuke mildly but firmly. [1/3 definitions]
affirm to firmly declare (something), or to state or maintain (something) as true. [1/2 definitions]
bonded of two or more surfaces of material, bound together firmly. [1/3 definitions]
brace to place tightly or firmly. [1/10 definitions]
clutch1 the act of seizing or holding firmly. [1/9 definitions]
deep-rooted firmly implanted or established.
deep-seated firmly established; ingrained.
deep-set hard to remove; firmly fixed. [1/2 definitions]
determine to firmly decide on a course of action, or to cause one to make a firm decision; resolve. [1/6 definitions]
dyed in the wool confirmed or firmly established.
embed to set or enclose firmly in some surrounding material. [1/2 definitions]
ensconce to position (oneself) firmly or comfortably. [1/2 definitions]
entrench to establish firmly and unchangeably. [1/3 definitions]
establish to put firmly into a situation or position, as into a job. [1/3 definitions]
fan belt in an automobile engine, a rubber belt stretched firmly around the crankshaft, which transfers torque to another shaft located on the cooling fan.
fast1 secure or firmly attached. [2/12 definitions]
fasten to close firmly or secure, as with a clasp, lock, buttons, or buckle. [1/8 definitions]
firm1 resolutely; firmly; steadily. [1/6 definitions]