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almond a light tan color resembling that of the flesh of the almond. [1/6 definitions]
anthropophagus a human who eats human flesh; cannibal.
anthropophagy the act of eating human flesh; cannibalism.
apple a firm round fruit with succulent white flesh and a red, green, or yellow skin. [1/3 definitions]
beef the flesh of a cow or steer, or such animals when raised for meat. [1/4 definitions]
Bermuda onion any of several large mild-flavored onions with a white or yellow flesh, grown in Bermuda and the southern United States.
black eye darkening and discoloration of the flesh around the eye, as from a bruise or blow. [1/2 definitions]
cannibal a person who eats human flesh. [1/3 definitions]
cannibalize to eat the flesh of (one's own species). [1/4 definitions]
cantaloupe any of several varieties of melon, esp. muskmelons, usu. having a hard, rough, ridged skin and orange flesh.
carnal of or pertaining to the flesh or body, esp. sexual appetites and activities. [1/2 definitions]
carnivore a flesh-eating animal, esp. a meat-eating mammal. (Cf. herbivore.) [1/2 definitions]
carnivorous flesh-eating. (Cf. herbivorous.) [1/2 definitions]
carrion dead and rotting flesh. [1/3 definitions]
casaba a variety of winter muskmelon with a yellow rind and sweet, white flesh.
cherry the edible fruit of the cherry tree, having a small, hard stone enclosed by yellow, red, or dark purple flesh. [1/5 definitions]
chinook salmon a large salmon of the northern Pacific that has usu. reddish flesh; king salmon.
coconut the seed of the coconut tree, which contains hard, edible flesh and milky liquid. [2/3 definitions]
copra dried coconut flesh, from which oil is removed for use in various products.
cucumber an edible fruit of a creeping vine, usu. long and cylindrical with a hard green skin and greenish white flesh. [1/2 definitions]
dasyure any of various small nocturnal Australian marsupials, including the Tasmanian devil, that eat insects or flesh.