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ABM abbreviation of "antiballistic missile," a missile designed to meet and destroy a ballistic missile in flight.
airworthy fit and safe for use in flight.
antiballistic missile a missile designed to meet and destroy a ballistic missile in flight.
astronaut a person trained to participate in space flight.
aviation the act, practice, or technology of human flight, esp. in airplanes.
barrel roll a maneuver in which an aircraft completes one spiral revolution around its lengthwise axis, without changing direction of flight.
burnout the end of firing of a rocket's engine prior to unpowered flight. [1/3 definitions]
carrier a very large naval vessel equipped with a flight deck; aircraft carrier. [1/6 definitions]
chase1 to force in a given direction by pursuit or the like; put to flight. [1/9 definitions]
dealate having lost the wings in combat, through injury, or the like, as certain insects that shed their wings after the mating flight.
feather to turn the chords of (propeller blades) parallel to the line of flight, or turn off (a plane's engine) during flight. [2/12 definitions]
flame-out failure of the combustion of a jet engine while the aircraft is in flight.
fledge to tend (a young bird) until it is capable of flight. [2/4 definitions]
fledgling a young bird that has just grown flight feathers or learned to fly. [1/2 definitions]
flight attendant an airline employee who tends to the needs of passengers during a flight; steward or stewardess.
flight engineer the member of a flight crew who handles the mechanical aspects of a flight.
flight feather any of the larger, stronger feathers in the wing or tail of a bird that are crucial for its flight.
flush3 to frighten from cover or cause to start up or take flight. [3 definitions]
flutter to fly with light, swift wing movements or to move the wings lightly and swiftly up and down in flight, as a bird. [1/9 definitions]
flyby a flight over or close to a designated point, area, or target by an aircraft or spacecraft for the purpose of making aerial observations.
free flight the flight or any part a flight, as of an airplane or rocket, that occurs without a means of propulsion.