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angiosperm a flowering plant that holds its seeds within an ovary.
asphodel any of several flowering plants related to lilies, with tall spikes bearing clusters of usu. yellow or white flowers.
bleeding heart any of several flowering plants, esp. a common garden variety with drooping red or deep pink, heart-shaped flowers. [1/2 definitions]
blossom the flowering part of a plant which forms a seed or fruit. [2/4 definitions]
broccoli a cultivated subspecies of the cabbage, or the green flower buds and flowering stalk of this plant used for food.
bugbane any of various flowering plants related to the buttercup, bearing clusters of white flowers whose smell supposedly repels insects.
cannabis the dried flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant, or the plant itself; marijuana; hashish.
corn cockle an annual flowering plant that bears pinkish flowers and poisonous seeds and is considered a weed.
cretaceous (cap.) of, relating to, or designating the geological period at the end of the Mesozoic Era, from approximately 135 million to 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs died out, early mammals and flowering plants appeared, and chalk beds were formed. [1/2 definitions]
dicotyledon a member of a large group of flowering plants that bear two embryonic seed leaves at sprouting, such as oaks, beans, and cabbages. (Cf. monocotyledon.)
duckweed any of various flowering plants that float freely on ponds and slow streams.
dusty miller any of various flowering plants and herbs having whitish, downy or woolly foliage.
efflorescence the condition, time, or process of blooming or flowering. [1/5 definitions]
ergot a fungal disease that infects the flowering stems of cereal plants and replaces the grains with hard, dark, fungal bodies. [1/3 definitions]
farewell-to-spring a flowering plant of the western United States that bears bright blooms of pink, white, or purple.
floriculture the cultivation of flowers and flowering plants, esp. for sale, as in a commercial greenhouse.
four-o'clock any of several common flowering garden plants that bear tubular varicolored blooms that open late in the day.
herb a flowering plant whose stem is soft rather than woody and which dies at the end of a growing season. [1/3 definitions]
impatiens a common flowering annual plant, related to the balsam and bearing small flat flowers in white or various shades of pink and red.
lotus any of various flowering plants that live in the water, including some waterlilies. [1/2 definitions]
mezereum a low flowering shrub, native to Europe and Asia, that bears fragrant pinkish purple flowers early in spring. [1/2 definitions]