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aeropause the level at which the earth's atmosphere becomes too thin for airplanes to fly.
aircraft any man-made vehicle that can fly through the air, such as an airplane, helicopter, glider, or balloon.
bird a warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrate animal with wings and feathers, which usu. has the ability to fly. [1/5 definitions]
buzz to fly over very low in an aircraft. [1/9 definitions]
cantharides see "Spanish fly."
coachman a type of artificial fly for fishing. [1/2 definitions]
convertiplane an airplane that can fly forward with speed and take off and land vertically like a helicopter.
dipteran any of various insects, such as the fly or mosquito, having two functional wings and the vestiges of two other wings that serve as balancing organs. [1/2 definitions]
drosophila the common fruit fly, used esp. in genetic experiments.
dun2 a mayfly or handmade fishing fly of this color. [1/3 definitions]
fledgling a young bird that has just grown flight feathers or learned to fly. [1/2 definitions]
flew a past tense of fly1.
flied a past tense and part participle of fly.
flightless unable to fly, as ostriches and certain other birds.
flight-test to fly (an aircraft or rocket) or launch (a missile) for testing purposes.
flit to fly or dart quickly and lightly; flutter. [1/3 definitions]
flown a past participle of fly1.
flutter to fly with light, swift wing movements or to move the wings lightly and swiftly up and down in flight, as a bird. [1/9 definitions]
fly1 see "fly ball." [1/12 definitions]
fly2 any of a variety of flying insects such as the may fly or caddis fly. [1/3 definitions]
fly ball in baseball, a batted ball that rises high in the air; fly. (Cf. ground ball.)