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blade any kind of sword, such as a foil. [1/5 definitions]
crown roast a roast of pork, lamb, or the like formed as a circle of rib chops, tied upright and often capped with paper or foil frills.
electroscope a device used for detecting small amounts of electric charge, usu. by using metal foil to show attraction or repulsion.
foil2 to cover or back with foil. [1/7 definitions]
foliate to hammer or cut into thin sheets; make foil of (metal). [2/9 definitions]
foliation the act or process of producing foliage or foil. [2/6 definitions]
Leyden jar an early device for accumulating and holding static electricity that consists of a glass jar coated inside and out with tinfoil, with a metal rod connected to the inner foil lining and passing out of the jar through an insulated stopper or lid.
straight man an actor or entertainer who serves as a comedian's foil, usu. delivering lines to which the comedian responds with a joke.