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after following unceasingly. [2/12 definitions]
aftermath the period following a disastrous event. [1/2 definitions]
against in a manner or following a course contrary to. [1/5 definitions]
alternate continuously rotating or taking turns with one another; occurring or following in turns. [1/9 definitions]
anaphylaxis extreme allergic reaction to a substance, typically a foreign protein or drug, following a previous exposure to the same substance.
anticlimax a disappointingly weak or ordinary conclusion or event, following events or statements that build expectations for something powerful or moving. [1/3 definitions]
Ascension Day the fortieth day following Easter, observing the ascent of Jesus Christ into heaven.
attainder in law, the loss of civil rights following conviction for a major crime, esp. treason.
attaint to inflict the loss of civil rights on (someone) following conviction for a major crime. [2 definitions]
baby boom the dramatic population increase in the United States during the decade following World War II.
baby boomer a person born in the United States during the decade following World War II, in which the population increased dramatically.
backstretch the straight portion of a racetrack following the first turn. (Cf. homestretch.)
back-to-back following immediately after another; in consecutive order. [1/2 definitions]
Baptist a member of a Christian sect that believes in baptism of adults by immersion, following a profession of faith. [1/2 definitions]
baroque (often cap.) of or pertaining to the style or period in art, music, and architecture prevailing in Europe following the Renaissance, from about 1550 to about 1750, characterized by bold expression of emotion and elaborate forms of ornamentation. [2/5 definitions]
barrage an overwhelming quantity of things following one another rapidly. [1/3 definitions]
behind following. [1/10 definitions]
below appearing lower on the same page or on a following page. [1/6 definitions]
Benedictine a member of a Roman Catholic order of monks or nuns following the rule of St. Benedict. [1/2 definitions]
bounce to spring back or up following a collision, or to do so several times in succession. [1/10 definitions]
breathless breathing heavily following great exertion. [1/2 definitions]