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divine to discover or foretell by omens or supernatural means. [1/12 definitions]
forebode to foretell the likelihood of or be an omen of. [1/4 definitions]
oneiromancy the practice of attempting to foretell the future by the interpretation of dreams.
predict to see or proclaim in advance (a future unplanned event); prophesy; foretell. [2/3 definitions]
presage to be a sign or warning of; portend or foretell. [1/7 definitions]
presignify to indicate or signify beforehand; foreshadow; foretell.
prognosticate to predict or foretell on the basis of present signs or symptoms. [1/3 definitions]
prophecy an act of foretelling, or the ability to foretell. [1/3 definitions]
prophesy to foretell or reveal, esp. under divine inspiration. [1/5 definitions]
see1 to predict or foretell. [1/16 definitions]
soothsayer one who has or claims to have the ability to predict the future and foretell events; seer.