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alcaide a commander or governor of a fortress in Spain, Portugal, or their colonies.
alcazar a fortress or castle of the Moors in Spain.
B-17 a four-engine U.S. bomber extensively used in World War II; Flying Fortress.
casemate an armored enclosure or compartment, as in a warship or fortress, with openings for guns or artillery.
citadel a fortress built on a high place in or near a city. [1/2 definitions]
crenellated having notches or indentations, usu. regularly spaced, as in the battlement of a fortress.
impregnable1 able to withstand any attack, as a fortress. [1/2 definitions]
presidio a fortress, garrison, or other military post, esp. one built by the Spanish in the southwestern United States.
scaling ladder a long ladder used to reach to or over the tops of high walls, as by troops besieging a fortress.
stronghold a strongly fortified or defended place; fortress. [1/2 definitions]