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befoul to make foul; defile. [1/2 definitions]
defile1 to make unclean, foul, or filthy. [1/5 definitions]
effluvium an outflow of usu. invisible, foul-smelling vapor or gas.
fair ball a batted baseball that stays within the foul lines if airborne or, if it hits the ground before the outfield, that stays within the foul lines until it has gone beyond first or third base.
fetid having a foul odor; stinking.
filth that which is unclean or foul. [2/3 definitions]
filthy extremely dirty or foul; nasty. [1/2 definitions]
foul in baseball, a ball hit to outside the lines drawn from the rear of the homeplate to the first and third bases; foul ball. [5/21 definitions]
foul ball in baseball, a batted ball that does not remain within the foul lines.
foul out of a baseball player, to be put out because of hitting a ball outside the foul lines that is caught before it touches the ground. [1/2 definitions]
foul tip in baseball, a pitched ball that is barely tipped by the bat and is either caught by the catcher or deflected into the foul zone.
free throw in basketball, an unhindered shot at the basket from the foul line; foul shot.
frowzy having a foul or musty odor. [1/2 definitions]
halitosis foul-smelling breath.
jimson weed a poisonous annual of the nightshade family with foul-smelling leaves, prickly fruit, and trumpet-shaped purplish or white flowers.
nasty repellent, esp. to sight, smell, or taste; filthy or foul. [1/3 definitions]
noisome offensive or disgusting, esp. in smell; foul. [1/2 definitions]
personal foul in some team sports, a foul involving unnecessarily rough body contact with an opponent.
rotten foul-smelling; putrid. [1/5 definitions]
skunk a small, meat-eating North American mammal with black fur, a bushy tail, and a broad white stripe down its back, noted for the foul smell of the fluid it ejects when alarmed. [1/3 definitions]
snorkel a device on a submarine that permits it to remain submerged for long periods of time by taking in fresh air and expelling the foul air. [1/3 definitions]