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Aeneas the Trojan hero of the Aeneid, who survives the fall of Troy, wanders for seven years, and becomes the founder of Rome.
founder2 to cause to founder. [1/5 definitions]
founding father a male founder of an institution. [1/2 definitions]
Frederick Olmsted U.S. park designer considered the founder of American landscape architecture, whose achievements include New York City's Central Park and major U.S. national parks; born Frederick Law Olmsted (b.1822--d.1903)
Gerry Jackson founder and station manager of SW Radio Africa, Zimbabwe's only independent radio station, which is broadcast from London, England, where Jackson lives in exile.
Jesus Christ the founder of Christianity (b.4? B.C.--d.29? A.D.); according to the New Testament, the savior foretold by Isaiah, considered by Christians to be the Messiah and son of God; Jesus of Nazareth. (See Christ.)
Jesús Hernández Cuban journalist, founder of the independent news agency, Cooperativa Avileña de Periodistas Independientes (CAPI), and recipient of the 1999 International Press Freedom Award (b. 1974).
Kublai Khan a Mongol emperor of China from about 1260 to about 1294 and founder of the Mongol dynasty (1216?-1294?).
Lao Tzu a Chinese philosopher considered to be the founder of Taoism (about the sixth century B.C.).
Moonie (informal) a follower of the Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church in the United States.
Mormon a prophet, warrior, and historian, claimed as the source of the writings translated by Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church. [1/3 definitions]
Muhammad an Arab prophet and the founder of Islam (570-632 A.D.).
prophet (cap.) Muhammad, founder of the Muslim religion (prec. by the). [1/5 definitions]
Remus in Roman legend, the twin brother of Romulus, the founder of Rome.
Romulus in Roman legend, the founder of Rome, who, along with his twin brother Remus, had been abandoned as an infant and had survived by suckling a wolf.
Siddhartha an Indian prince who became a religious philosopher and teacher known as Buddha; founder of Buddhism; Siddhartha Gautama (563?-483? B.C.). (See Buddha.)
Sigmund Freud an Austrian physician and the founder of psychoanalysis (b.1856--d.1939).
Zoroaster a Persian religious teacher of the sixth or seventh century B.C. who was the founder of Zoroastrianism; Zarathustra.