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bluegrass country music of the southern United States typically played on stringed instruments and characterized by frequent improvisation. [1/2 definitions]
checkered noted for frequent changes and wide swings in fortune. [1/3 definitions]
crawl to move very slowly or with frequent stops, as a vehicle in heavy traffic. [1/7 definitions]
diabetes insipidus a disorder of the pituitary gland, characterized by frequent and excessive urination and intense thirst.
diarrhea an intestinal condition characterized by frequent and watery bowel movements.
drill1 a learning or training procedure consisting of frequent repetition of an action or item to be learned. [1/12 definitions]
dysentery (informal) frequent and watery bowel movements; diarrhea. [1/2 definitions]
factoid a false or half-true statement or idea, often accepted as fact because of wide circulation and frequent repetition, as in print and electronic media.
frequence the state of being frequent.
frequency the fact of happening often or being frequent. [1/3 definitions]
haunt to inhabit or frequent as a ghost. [1/4 definitions]
hourly frequent. [1/5 definitions]
inculcate to implant in someone's mind by earnest and frequent repetition; instill (usu. fol. by "in"). [1/2 definitions]
itinerancy a system of rotation in the performance of official duties, as of preachers or judges, that requires frequent travel or moves from place to place. [1/3 definitions]
local making frequent stops within a limited area. (Cf. express.) [1/7 definitions]
nest a place where rapid growth or free development of something is encouraged, or the people who frequent it; hotbed. [1/11 definitions]
off-season a period of less frequent use, activity, or visitation. [1/2 definitions]
opera seria eighteenth-century Italian dramatic opera, characterized by frequent arias and classical or mythological themes.
oversexed having a much greater or more frequent than normal sexual desire.
predominant being the most common, frequent, or prominent; prevailing. [1/2 definitions]
regular a frequent customer or client. [1/12 definitions]