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beg off to ask to be exempted from fulfilling an obligation.
citizenship the act or process of fulfilling the obligations and enjoying the rights of a citizen. [1/2 definitions]
cop out (informal) to avoid facing a responsibility or fulfilling a promise, esp. in a cowardly way.
cop-out (informal) an instance or act of evading responsibility or not fulfilling a promise.
faithful fulfilling one's duty or obligations in life. [1/7 definitions]
fantasy in psychology, an imagined state, event, or sequence of events, usu. acting out or fulfilling a wish; wish fulfillment; daydream. [1/5 definitions]
fulfillment the act of fulfilling. [1/2 definitions]
perfect completely enjoyable or fulfilling. [1/7 definitions]
self-fulfillment the act or process of fulfilling one's own desires, goals, or ambitions.
yeoman a person who puts in diligent and loyal effort in fulfilling a task or performing a service. [1/6 definitions]