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agar a gelatinous substance derived from red marine algae, used esp. to solidify bacterial cultures and to thicken foods; agar-agar.
calf's-foot jelly the cooled gelatinous edible stock of boiled calves' feet.
capsule a gelatinous case for medicine, or such a case together with its contents, that dissolves when swallowed. [1/7 definitions]
colloid in physiology, any of several gelatinous bodily secretions. [1/3 definitions]
gelatinize to become gelatinous. [1/3 definitions]
jelly any substance with a gelatinous consistency. [1/4 definitions]
jellybean a small, egg-shaped, colored candy that has a hardened sugar coating and a gelatinous center.
mucilage any of various gelatinous or gummy substances present in plants such as seaweed. [1/2 definitions]
nostoc any of several blue-green freshwater algae that form rounded gelatinous clusters.
pectin a heavy gelatinous substance that occurs in some ripe fruits and is used in making jellies, jams, and some drugs and cosmetics.
royal jelly a gelatinous, highly nutritive secretion of the maxillary glands of worker honeybees, fed to all larvae initially and then as the only food to those selected to become queen bees.
silicic acid a gelatinous substance occurring when alkaline silicates are acidified.