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atrabilious sad, gloomy, or melancholy. [1/2 definitions]
black gloomy, evil, or dismal. [1/13 definitions]
cheerless without joy or cheer; gloomy, dreary, or dismal.
clammy morbid or gloomy. [1/2 definitions]
crapehanger (informal) a gloomy, morose person; one who anticipates the worst.
dismal cheerless or depressing; gloomy. [1/2 definitions]
funereal gloomy; solemn; mournful. [1/2 definitions]
glum in low spirits; sad, sullen, or gloomy. [1/2 definitions]
gray gloomy. [1/8 definitions]
grim lacking cheerfulness or hope, or providing little reason to hope; gloomy; harsh. [1/3 definitions]
kill-joy one who spoils the fun or enjoyment of others, esp. by being gloomy or pessimistic.
leaden oppressive; gloomy. [1/4 definitions]
lighten2 to become less worried or gloomy. [1/6 definitions]
lowering dark and gloomy, as the weather. [1/2 definitions]
lugubrious sad or mournful, esp. in an exaggerated way; gloomy.
melancholic suffering or inclined to suffer from melancholy; sad, gloomy, or depressed. [1/2 definitions]
melancholy a sad, gloomy, or depressed state or quality. [1/3 definitions]
mope to act dejected and gloomy; sulk; brood. [2/3 definitions]
morbid in an unhealthy, gloomy mental state; preoccupied with sickness, abnormality, or death. [1/3 definitions]
morose gloomy or sullen.
mournful arousing feelings of sadness; depressing; gloomy. [1/2 definitions]