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ascription a prayer or text in praise of or attributing glory to a deity. [1/2 definitions]
gamopetalous having fused or partly fused petals that form a tubelike corolla, such as that of the morning-glory.
glorify to give great praise, honor, or glory to, esp. in worship; exalt; extol. [1/3 definitions]
glorious having or meriting great praise, fame, honor, or glory; illustrious. [2/4 definitions]
ipomoea a plant of the morning glory family that has heart-shaped leaves and bears showy flowers. [1/2 definitions]
jalap the dried root of any of several plants belonging to the morning-glory family, used as a purgative. [1/2 definitions]
moonflower a kind of morning glory found in tropical America, bearing fragrant large flowers that open at night.
sic transit gloria mundi (Latin) thus passes away worldly glory.
Stars and Stripes (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the national flag of the United States, consisting of thirteen alternating red and white horizontal stripes and a blue field with fifty white stars representing the fifty states; Old Glory. [1/2 definitions]