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cap and gown a mortarboard and robe worn at certain academic ceremonies such as graduation.
commencement in schools or colleges, the graduation ceremony or day. [1/2 definitions]
exercise (often pl.) a ceremony, esp. celebrating graduation from a school. [1/10 definitions]
magna cum laude with high honors or great praise, indicating second highest status upon graduation from a college or university. (Cf. cum laude, summa cum laude.)
postgraduate of, relating to, or engaged in advanced work or study after graduation from a college, university, or the like. [2 definitions]
postgraduation combined form of graduation.
salutatorian the student who delivers the welcoming speech at graduation exercises, usu. the one ranking second in the graduating class.
salutatory a welcoming speech, esp. one given at graduation exercises. [1/2 definitions]
valediction a farewell speech, esp. one given by a student of the highest honors at a graduation ceremony. [1/3 definitions]