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alluvium sand, soil, gravel, or the like deposited by moving water, as along a river bed. (Cf. eluvium.)
aquifer a bed of rock, sand, or gravel that can hold great quantities of water and supplies it to wells and springs.
asphalt a mixture of this substance with gravel or sand, used mainly for paving. [1/4 definitions]
ballast gravel or crushed rock under the rails and ties of a railway to increase stability. [1/4 definitions]
bedrock the solid layer of rock in the earth's surface, usu. beneath soil, sand, gravel, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
concrete a hard, strong building material made by mixing sand, gravel, cement, and water. [1/10 definitions]
eluvium a deposit of soil, dust, or gravel caused by the weathering and disintegration of rocks, and usu. remaining at the site. (Cf. alluvium.)
gravel to cover with gravel, as a path or road. [1/4 definitions]
gravelly full of or like gravel. [1/2 definitions]
pan to wash (gravel, sand, or the like) in a pan to remove gold or other precious metals. [2/6 definitions]
pay dirt soil, gravel, or ore that is rich in some mineral that makes mining it profitable. [1/2 definitions]
placer1 a naturally occurring accumulation of sand, gravel, or the like that contains precious metals or minerals. [1/2 definitions]
quarry1 a large open hole or pit dug for mining stone, marble, gravel, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
roadbed the bed, as of gravel or crushed stone, on which a railway is laid. [1/2 definitions]
sack1 a large bag, usu. made of coarsely woven material or thick paper, used for holding or transporting items in bulk, such as feed, gravel, potatoes, and the like. [1/7 definitions]
shoulder the strip of land alongside a road, often containing gravel or grass. [1/8 definitions]
trommel a rotating cylindrical or conical sieve used for sorting coal, gravel, or the like.
verge (chiefly British) the strip of land alongside a road or path, often containing gravel or grass; shoulder. [1/6 definitions]